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News : Quilt Show Golden Needle Award Winners Chosen
By Laura York and Susan Hill
11-07-2017 12:44 PM

The Twenty Fifth annual Andover Quilt Show was a wonderful event, with over 50 entries in four categories. Golden Needle Awards were voted for Hand Quilted, Miscellaneous Items, Wall Hangings and Full-Size Quilts. Attendees had the opportunity to purchase chances on the magnificent "Children's Literature Quilt" for which a winner will be drawn December 8th. The"Children's Literature" Quilt was machine quilted by Barb Jordan Kaszar. It is a large wall hanging/lap quilt, donated by the Covered Bridge Stitchers to the Andover Public Library Friends as a fund-raiser. Tickets are available at the Circulation Desk for $1 each.

The Winner of the Hand-Quilted entry was Patty Owens. The Miscellaneous Item Golden Needle Award went to Leah Harding for her round butterfly design. Venie Hinson won the Golden Needle Award for her Full-Sized Quilt entry. Sandy Lord won the Golden Needle Award for her exquisite flower Wall Hanging.

Two quilt stores had large displays for participants to enjoy: Megen's Quilt Parlor of Albion, PA and The Gallery of Mercer PA.

News Photos

Sandy Lord and her

Wall Hanging

Venie Hinson and her

full-size quilt winner

Leah Harding and her

"Miscellaneous Item"

Gold Needle Award Winner

Patty Owens and her

Hand Quilted Golden

Needle Award Winner

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