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News : Andover Public Library will be Closed August 21 for an In-Service Day
By Susan Hill
08-14-2017 04:12 PM

August 21 the Library is closed so staff can prepare for our Big Book Sale starting Saturday August 26. In the afternoon from 1-4 pm library staff will be at the Pymatuning Valley Schools for events related to the 80% Solar Eclipse. At the Athletic Field Eclipse Glasses will be handed out (as supplies last). Parents need to carefully supervise children so they do not ever look directly at the sun, even for a few seconds. They should place eclipse glasses on the child and then let the child look. Below are the events at the school for August 21:


Dome Planetarium Theater from 3:30-5pm in the Sunshine Room at the PV Primary School. Programs are geared to children 1st through 8th grades, but parents can go in too. Everyone sits on the floor and the theater is on the ceiling.


Athletic Field, Astronomical Andover: 1 pm to 4pm the Library will hand out safety instructions and Eclipse Glasses (as supplies last). No Eclipse Glasses can be handed out at the library. Pinhole projectors, sun oculars and filtered telescopes will be there to view the eclipse and then people are welcome to sit in the stands and look through the Eclipse Glasses. There are many ways to make a pinhole projector and it is more fun for children than Eclipse Glasses.


Safe Eclipse viewing: the eclipse can be seen through a simple pinhole projector you can make quickly with a shoebox. You also can view the eclipse safely in a bucket of water or through no. 14 welding goggles. DO NOT use sun glasses (it would take 13 pairs to keep your eyes safe). Here is the link to Eclipse Safety Information from NASA!


Veterans' Memorial Performing Arts Center: Come to the VMPAC Noon to 4pm to see NASA video of TOTALITY and commentary from Astronomers as the sun moves across the USA. Everyone is welcome to enjoy it on the big screen, or you can view the NASA website on your own device.

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