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News : Ohio Rose Barn Quilt Dedicated June 28
By Susan Hill
06-28-2017 03:07 PM

The Andover Public Library's Ohio Rose pattern Barn Quilt was hung by a wonderful contingent of Library Friends and was dedicated at 6:30 pm June 28.

The Barn Quilt was inspired and designed by Venie Hinson, with feedback and ideas by Dawn Marr and Chris Angerman. Dan Hill primed the boards; design was applied by Venie Hinson; taping and painting was led by Venie Hinson and Nancy Logan. Painting of the Ohio Rose design was accomplished by Jennifer Martin, Barbara De Villiers, Sandy John and Joan Chapman. Custodian Mike Dzera worked hard planning the attachment to the brick wall and the actual hanging was accomplished by Mike Dzera, Don Eyring, Dan and Pete Hill, Barbara de Villiers, Henri de Villiers, Nancy Logan and Joan Steidl. Financial suppport came from Christine Angerman and the Friends of Andover Public Library. 

A plaque dedicating the Barn Quilt to the Memory of Chris Angerman will soon accompany the quilt, which will become no. 87 on the Ashtabula County Barn Quilt Trail. We also thank Carl Feather and Kathy McCarty for their help and advice. Visit the Barn Quilt Trail web page!


News Photos

Mike Dzera, Dan and

Pete Hill and Don

Eyring attach the

quilt to the Library

Barbara de Villiers,

Jennifer Martin and

Venie Hinson hard

at work

Finally it's UP!

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