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"Being Human: In Modern times we do not have to worry about being eaten by a carnivore!"

~ Betsy Paul
News : Pushing the Limits Series: Discussion Four is May 20
By Laura York and Susan Hill
05-04-2017 05:32 PM

Helen and Dean Oyen will be our Science Partners to lead the discussion of Jean Auel's Land of Painted Caves on Saturday May 20 from 11 am to 12:30 pm. Helen is a Nurse and Dean is a Paleontologist. The event is free and includes lunch. Please register by calling: 440-293-6792. The theme of our discussion is "knowledge" and its importance to humankind.

There are several other books relevant to the topic and a number of articles.


Adams, Douglas. Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, New York, Ballantine Books, 2004.

Brown, Dan. The Lost Symbol, New York: Anchor Books, 2009.

Browne, John. Seven Elements That Changed the World, New York, Pegasus, 2015.

Gaiman, Neil. American Gods, New York, Harper Torch, 2001.

Kurlansky, Mark. Cod: A biography of the Fish the Changed the World, New York, Penguin Books, 1999.

Mann, Charles C. 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, New York, Vintage Books, 2006.

Richards, Douglas E. Wired, New York: Paragon Press, 2012.

Vonnegut, Kurt. Cat's Cradle, New York: Dell, 1965.

Articles (these are all available on line--just search in Google):

Burkhard Bilger, "True Grits," The New Yorker, October 31, 2011. A chef's perspective on autentic southern cooking and his undying love for pigs.

Nicholas Carr, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" The Atlantic, 2008, July/August Issue. What does the internet do to our brains? Carr discusses the role the Net plays in our lives, as well as how it affects our intelligence.

John Lanchester, "Incredible Edibles," The New Yorker, March 21, 2011. A look into the uniqueness of "Modernist Cuisine" and what it means for the future of cooking.

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