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News : 100 Book Challenge Winners Receive their Prizes
By Susan Hill, Library Director
04-13-2017 01:40 PM

What an enjoyable Party it was! The Library patrons who read 100 books in 2016, having accepted the 100 Book Challenge, converged upon Kent State Ashtabula to receive their T-Shirt or Tote Bag and partake of appetizers and 100 Book Challenge cake Tuesday April 12. Winners were greeted by Ohio Representative John Patterson, and treated to an inspiring talk by Sandra Philipson, author of the Max and Annie series of books.

Staff members from Andover, Conneaut, Harbor Topky, Henderson, Kingsville and Rock Creek Public Libraries: the Independently Cooperating Ashtabula Network (ICAN), had great fun recognizing their top readers. The following successfully completed (or exceeded) reading 100 books in 2016:

ANDOVER: Dawn Bechtal, Amy Dick, Diane Haines, Bev Hanson, Susan Hill, Venie Hinson, Donna Lawrason, Adam Novosel, Jacob Novosel, Carrie Paul, Betsy Paul, Kristi Peters, Gerffrey Lee Shaw, Patricia Smith, Gwen Togger, Patricia Truhan, Adrienne Westbrok, Evelyn Zaebst.

CONNEAUT: April Dietrich, Jeannie Fine, Jean Fields, Melinda Culver, Clara Jean Bennett, Cindy Black, Robin Struchen, Teri Fritts, June Brennan, Ruth Brown, Pat Rowbothan, Olivia Morris, Amanda Latva, Marian McClimans, Mary Zappitelli, Lisa M. Raygoza, Susan Anderson, Kristy Jerina, Danica Parma, Susan Goodwin, Sylvia Jerina and Lydia Jerina.

HARBOR TOPKY: Terri Price, Ruth DeDemenic, Joanne Severino, Phyllis Morrell, Luanne Meinhardt, Susan Massaro, Shirley Coxe, Cinedy Giannell, Joy Koski, Karen Swann, Travis Mercer, Janice Cowen, Betty Hietikko, Joan Herbst, Emily Tataleba, Sandia Marvin,k Josie DiMare, Connie Ende, Mary Lou Salvatore, Margaret Simms, Deborah Best and Annetta Barick.

HENDERSON:  Grace Hadlock, Timothy Wisniewski, Joachim Perts, Eleanor Jones, Veronica Perts, Allen Darby, Charles Deary, Isabelle Delorme, Mary Talcott, Jackie Heath, Linda Petric Shannon Jones, Mary Howe, Joyce Campagna, Joyce Zigmont, Carrie Hartley, Reed Piper, Rosella Stevenson, Katherine Simon, mary Newman, Chris Malnar, Homer Falk, Beverly Guenther, Erica Hadlock, Elizabeth Cool, Amanda Hammond, Ken Hall, Doris Higley, Dawn Kinsey, Nancy Kinsey, Regina Miller, Jean Shannon, Lisa Tartaglia, Jennifer Van Alphen, Tracy Van Alphen, Crystal Blackburn, Bonnie Glink, Bonnie Stevenson, and Autumn Briggs.

KINGSVILLE:  JoAnn Andersen, Pat Braden, Diane Carr, Margaret Coy, Dylan French, Diane Hunter, Edith Lambert, Olivia Laseke, Jill Laseke, Jessica Litt, David Lovejoy, Wanda Lucas, Nancy Mecci, Elayna Messent, Hannah Osoro, Emily Palumbo, Mary Pisano, Alecia Pocatko, Pat Sherman, Luke Stevens, Howard White, Alice White and Kathy Wright.

ROCK CREEK:  Angelo Licavol, Annette Macintyre, Stephen MacIntyre, Joann Dzurenkop, Tim Wisniewski, Judy Bowen, Leeann Moses, Zoey Staley, Terry Schawb and Ruth Hannah.

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Some (but not all)

of Andover's Winners

at a Very Happy Moment

Sandy Philipson and

two of her dogs

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