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News : One Hundred Book Challenge Has Ended!
By Susan Hill, Library Director
01-06-2017 12:20 PM

The 100 Book Challenge of 2016 has ended and Andover Public Library has NINETEEN patrons who have accomplished the Mission! A couple of readers read over two hundred books and will receive TWO prizes.

The winning readers will receive their Totes or T-Shirts at a special party being arranged by the 6 ICAN Libraries (details coming very soon).

CONGRATULATIONS to our winners: Dawn Bechtel, Amy Dick, Bev Hanson, Susan Hill, Diane Haines, Venie Hinson, Donna Lawrason, Ernesta Lowry, Adam Novosel, Jacob Novosel, Betsy Paul, Carrie Paul, Kristi Peters, Geoffrey Shaw, Patricia Smith, Gwen Togger, Patricia Truhan, Adrienne Westbrook and Evelyn Zaebst. You will soon receive your invitation to the 100 Book Challenge Readers' Party.

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