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News : PUSHING THE LIMITS Program Series Begins February 4, 2017
By Laura York and Susan Hill
01-04-2017 02:04 PM

Pushing the Limits is an exciting free reading and discussion series at Andover Public Library. Participants will read major books evoking the four themes of Connection, Survival, Nature and Knowledge. The four program series will be held one each month, beginning with the February 4th program (the first theme is Connection). Each month, the discussions will focus on one of four main books and optional additional readings.

The first book is Erik Larson's Thunderstruck. In the book Guglielmo Marconi's invention of wireless technology helps to catch a serial killer, Hawley Harvey Crippen, who almost commits the perfect crime and escapes. During the Saturday program (including lunch) we will hear Dr. Harsh Mathur of CWRU discuss the origins of human language, we'll enjoy lunch and a short video of Erik Larson talking about his book and how Marconi connected people across the ocean, and enjoy discussing how human need for connection penetrates and changes our lives. Communication arose, enhanced human survival, and led to incredible success for human beings. We experience connection through language, but all connection is not verbal. Quilters connect families and friends; artists throughout time speak to people thousands of years in the future; texting connects us to friends and grandchildren.

The first Pushing the Limits Program Saturday February 4th is at 11 am in the Brenda Merrill meeting room of Andover Public Library. Dr. Harsh Mathur will describe his studies of the physics of language. Lunch and discussions/videos will take place from Noon to 1 pm. Additional remarks and ideas about the origin of language and human connection will continue after lunch with our visiting professor.  To register for the first Pushing the Limits Program, call the Library: 440-293-6792. Limit for this free Program is 26 participants.

It is fine to attend the program without having read the books, and everyone is welcome to attend just those programs in the series that appeal to you or fit into your schedule. Each Program will have a separate Registration (so we know how many there will be for lunch!).

"Pushing the limits is a reading, viewing, and discussion program for adults in communities served by rural libraries, made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation."

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